Sugar - a product we would die of or without

Living in a rat-race of the city life people do not find time to take control over their nutrition. At the time when some people enjoy the junk food and get pleasure, the others try to return slim figure and deprive themselves of the tasty food. What is interesting, one famous product such as sugar will be treated by these people absolutely different as for ones it will be a source of good mood and energy and for others the reason of extra kilos. So what role does sugar play in our life? The answer to the question is as simple as a request to write an essay for me.

Sugar is one of the nutrients our cells cannot live without. If a person refuses from sugar and products containing it, his organism will be devastated and soon will die. However, sugar can be a reason for people's death too as its increased consumption may lead to getting overweight, diabetes, problems with heart, vessels, and teeth. The average American eats almost 20 spoons of sugar on a daily basis. It is equal 85 grams of sugar and you can easily calculate what numbers you will see per one year - over 31 kg of sugar. Naturally, it is too much for a healthy human organism and doctors advise to decrease this amount at least by two times for men and by three times for women - about 9 and 6 spoons per day.

What is sugar?

Sugar is referred to simple carbohydrates that exist in different forms. In general, there are three main sugar types:

  • Fructose;
  • Lactose;
  • Sucrose.

At the same time, sugar is divided into chemical and natural one. All the sweet vegetables and fruits contain sugar as well but it has been proven that this sugar is not connected with health issues provoked by it. Troubles with health are connected with added sugar. Its nutrition value is equal to zero but its impact on people's health should not be underestimated. Sugar is a source of calories that are difficult to burn and they lead to obesity and health problems.

Sugar is added to multiple products people buy on a daily basis, however, not all of us realize how much of it is contained there. You might be surprised but the numbers are more than astonishing.

Let's analyze most popular delicacies people buy on the amount of sugar.

  • Every tiny chocolate or milk bar like Snickers, Twix or M&M contains from 5 to 8 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine, it is a daily norm for women who should not eat anything else sweet during the day if they eat this tiny bar.
  • A small can of beloved fizzy drinks may seem a trifle as you can drink several of them during the day. Unfortunately, your favorite Coca-Cola or Sprite can include over 7 teaspoons of sugar, while energy drinks are not less detrimental - from 5 teaspoons in that little can.
  • Even cereals that people got used to eating for breakfast can be far from being beneficial. Of course, there are several manufacturers where 100g of cereals contain less than 2 teaspoons of sugar, but in most cases, the range is between 4 and 11. What benefit can you get if you poison your just woken body with 11 teaspoons of sugar eat in cereals for breakfast?
  • Fruit do contain sugar too, but as it was mentioned fructose does not have that negative influence on our health as added one. You might be surprised to hear that adored by people strawberries contain less than 1 teaspoon of sugar in 100g similar to lemons, cranberries, and tomatoes. The higher amount of fructose is in bananas and mangoes, however, the first prize is won by grapes with over 3 teaspoons.

And these are only few of the products people enjoy eating never thinking about possible consequences. And what about bakery, chocolates, cakes and even sauces we consume too? It is not surprising that such a vital nutrient as sugar has been called ‘the white death' because of super-excessive consumption and today people have to cut on eating it to prolong their healthy lives.